Our team of highly trained martial arts instructors & trainers will help you reach your personal goals. 

Daniel P. McCarthy - Co-Owner / Head Instructor

Daniel McCarthy began training in the art of Taekwondo under the late Grandmaster Kim Ki Hyung. He was not the natural athlete by anyone's estimate. However, McCarthy found a passion for the martial arts that would keep him training year after year. McCarthy later trained with renowned martial arts author, Sifu Phillip "Pete" Starr. It is under Starr's watchful eye that Mr. McCarthy found the drive to pass on what he had learned to others, and found a true love for helping students young and old become their best. Years after, his training evolved in Hapkido. This led to McCarthy later joining the International Combat Hapkido Federation. Currently, he is a senior-ranked Master Instructor under Grandmaster John Pellegrini. McCarthy rounded out his training in Filipino stick and knife fighting as well. Additionally, he plans the curriculum, trains the staff, and still teaches most classes at Zanshin Martial Arts. Mr. McCarthy is available for instructional seminars and speaking engagements.

Zanshin Martial Arts is a Charter Member of the International Combat Hapkido Federation (ICHF)

We hold our instructors to the highest standards in the martial arts, and all are First-Aid/CPR certified. 

Our fitness instructors are accredited under multiple organizations including the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA).

In addition, some our staff are available for additional services beyond standard classes. Here are some of our other offerings:


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