Zanshin Martial Arts 2809 S 125th Ave Suite 283

Our location is the perfect place for all levels of student. We have a large padded training floor that can be used for two normal classes at the same time, or as space for large seminars. We have lot of specialized equipment for all ages of students and different training methods including: crash mats, heavy bags, board holder (for board breaking), simulated weapons for self-defense training, & other specialty gear. Lockers, shoe racks, and coat hangers are available for stowing street gear while on the mat. We have bench seating for spectators as well. We love to have family and friends hang out to watch classes. Water is available from our cooler to hydrate after a good workout.

Our location has all the right elements for martial arts training: safe training areas with enough space, viewing area for family & friends to watch, & well-maintained equipment. In other words, we can accommodate students of all ages in our programs.   

Check out our weekly class schedule. Classes are color-coded in the time slot. 

We have classes 5 days a week M-Th & Sat) for everyone ages 4 and up.

If you aren’t sure where you belong, you can always contact us to help you with your questions!

We are located on the Southwest side of Westwood Plaza at 120th & Center. We are just two doors down from Westwood Cinema.


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