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Confidence, Respect, Self-Defense, Fitness & FUN!


Self-Defense, Fitness, Weapons Training, & More!


Martial Arts are a holistic methodof practice. You will improve coordination, focus, self-confidence, & endurance all while making new friends!

Martial Arts is a total body activity. It can help improve flexibility, conditioning, & strength. Coupled with a sensible diet and healthy choices it can also assist in weight loss. 

Comfortable & modest clothing. Proper gym attire is usually best for the first class. You will receive a uniform as part of the enrollment process. 

No, not at all. Emotional management & respect for others are important aspects of training. These are elements that take time to instill, but if anything your child will be more assertive in behaviors while being less aggressive. 

New students are welcome to start at any time. 

Currently, we start students as young as age 4. We require a student to be potty-trained and able to have basic communication with our instructors as well. 

Speaking from personal experience, yes! We have seen this not only in ourselves, but in our own children. However, this takes time, training, & patience. 

Check out the sign up for a FREE trial class below. Please arrive roughly 10 minutes before your appointment to familiarize yourself and/or your child with the school and staff.