In Japanese, Zan means something akin to “remaining” while Shin means “mind” or “heart”.

In Martial Arts, “Zanshin” refers to a particular state of heightened awareness. Our dojo is the school of the remaining heart. 

Our Mission

To support our community as a safe space for the improvement and protection of all. 

Everyone is welcome at Zanshin so long as they come with a willingness to learn and accept others. 



At the end of the day martial arts skill should always be about the ability to protect yourself & your family.

Students learn various methods of self-defense depending on age and skill level. Skills taught are appropriate to the most common self-defense situations students might come across. 

Self improvement

These core elements are all a part of our curriculum. 

Our goal is to change lives through the Martial Arts. We know that the fighting skills are pretty cool, but it is the mindset that truly changes a person into something special. We teach others that mindset and how to apply it to so much more than kicks and punches. In other words, Zanshin students learn how to follow through not just on the mats, but also in their lives outside the dojo as well.

Our Staff

Our Facility