4 Truths of Life (I Learned From Martial Arts)

Here are 4 truths martial arts has
taught me about life…

1. The life you want is just outside
your comfort zone.

If you’re unhappy with anything in
your life…

It’s time to step outside of that
comfort zone and make a change.

Your comfort zone is giving you the
results you have now.

If you want new results, you have to
embrace the fear of change and make
it happen.

Only when I pushed myself in my
training did I grow and advance
and achieve the results I desired.

2. You’re unique.

It’s easy to compare ourselves to

But you’re unique. Your talents and
personality are yours and yours

In a competitive society it can be
easy to forget that.

1,000 black belts might all learn
the same technique… but each
does it with their own style.

3. Being genuine is more than

When you act from the heart, it
doesn’t matter if you’re right or

You’re being real and honest.

This frees you to make mistakes, to
take chances, and to live more

People who train from the heart
always learn the fastest, and get
the best results.

4. Guidance is key

I wouldn’t be where I am today
without my instructors.

They wouldn’t have been able to
teach me without theirs.

It’s a wonderful cycle.

You have to be guided. And
you have to guide others from
what you learn.

We see this cycle happening all
the time in our classes.

It’s one of my favorite parts 😉

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Dan McCarthy

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