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We now have online programs that feature both On Demand & Live-Streamed training!



A brand new program focused on fun-filled fitness and skill building for kids ages 4-12!

Learn the skills of Parkour, Gymnastics, & Martial Arts just like in the movies!

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Martial arts classes help children improve in every area of their lives: academics, sports, and interpersonal relationships.

strong body & strong mind

We have several adult programs to help you with all your goals such as physical fitness, personal development,  & self-defense! 



Don Barnhill
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Out entire family was trained by Master Dan and team in 3 different martial arts. The staff and instructors are very friendly, down to earth, humble, and fun. We learned so much while having a great time. Our kids couldn’t wait until the next lesson and always asked to go back. Training helped them get over their shyness and break out of their shells. Their skills and confidence rose, along with their leadership skills and attention to detail. I can’t thank Master Dan and his team enough for all the training, guidance, and help that they have given my children and my family.
Lynell Hisgen Stafford
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I am so impressed with the program at Zanshin Martial Arts. My 5 year old son has had trouble listening and following instructions. We enrolled him in Taekwondo at Zanshin and in just a few weeks he is listening better and doing what is asked of him because Master Dan set that goal for him. His confidence is improving with each session. The studio is small and run by Dan and Ali who truly care about their students and the families who call the Dojo home.
Holly Colby Arndt
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I would highly recommend Zanshin to anyone who wants positive instructors who are genuinely interested in helping students become better versions of themselves. It’s only been 9 months since my son has been cleared to resume physical activity with his chronic hip disease. It’s amazing how much progress he has had both physically and with self confidence in such a short time. If anyone has been interested in even just trying martial arts I would absolutely encourage them to check it out.
Susan McClaughry
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our family has trained under Master Dan for years! He is enthusiastic about martial arts,creative in his teachings, requires respect, and helps kids learn why and how they can incorporate martial arts into their lives! And he is fun! 😁
Brian Basiaga
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I trained up through the ranks along side Master Dan for many years. he has a real understanding of the principles and techniques he teaches, but most importantly he understands how to TEACH them. You will get honset instruction, individual attention, and plenty of support. At Zanshin you will find a top-tier program and instructors.
Anne Thompson
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Head instructor Master Dan knows the art he teaches. He makes the movements clear and easy to understand, and gives great feedback on how to improve. Most importantly to me, however, is his integrity. He strives to treat everyone with respect and will always choose to "do the right thing".


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